Each company has an identity, a business, a specific organization, and evolves within an ecosystem of its own, But all seek, to support them in their development, a comprehensive management solution (finance, trading, production, HR , customer relationship, logistics) and evolutionary that adapts to their business challenges, their size and their means. An ERP to their measurement becomes the best asset.

   LES appeal because they meet all the business needs of companies. LLS accompany the evolution of their strategy of development of their management rules and their organization.

   They are now selected by SMEs because their needs are comparable to those of large accounts, but their financial, human and IT resources are more limited. an integrated solution is a vector of performance for these SMEs if it satisfies all the functional needs with a time of deployment and reduced appropriation.

   Medium and large companies are looking for a global solution that integrates perfectly with their existing information system. They want an ERP capable of managing and centralizing or consolidating data often coming from heterogeneous environments. It must also take into account the constraints related to the group and their size and means. an ERP to their measurement then becomes the best asset. and their organization's legal and international obligations.


  Effective collaborative work

  Controlled strategic and operational steering

  Enhanced business relevance

  Guaranteed opening and amendability

Our solutions

SAM 100 accounting & finance suite
Effective daily management and process automation.

SAM100 entreprise
Business development and response to your business requirements.

SAM 1000 - FRP ( financial Ressource Planning )
Responding to new challenges of CFOs.

SAM X3 Standard Edition
100% pre-parameterized, simple, fast and econornic.

SAM X3 Standard Premium Edition
ERP benchmark for industrial, service and trading companies.